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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Call Capture for Listings: The Script

Call Capture is not a sure bet to great leads. It takes skill, strategy, and dedication. This Blog is dedicated to those who have never used the technology before for their listings, or to those who have used it, but failed to yield the response to justify the expense or time.

The service is only valuable if the provider is reliable and technologically advanced. I welcome the suggestion of other companies, but in this case I only have one to recommend: . You could start capturing leads for as little as $35 a month, and increase your options within the service as your lead generation increases. This provider is highly recommended by ByReferralOnly - a leader in Realtor lead generation strategies.

The Script
What, exactly, do you record? A monotone description of the property features they are calling on? NO! If you don't think you have a great phone voice, this is where your assistant or virtual assistant can help out. Don't risk losing a lead because the voice they are listening to is stumbling, nervous, or flat. The script should make your prospect want to take a next step - a step that is given in the call. You also don't want to make the mistake of letting the call capture service record the message for you. Although they say they are trained; you need to stay on top of price changes, and change the recording if it is not working the way you want it to.

For example, you have listed a great home - you know that once people are inside, they will fall in love, but the outside doesn't have great curb appeal. Then FORGET specific details in your recording. You want to entice them to learn more, to see more. If you give it all away on the recording (or in your flyer box outside the home), you give them no reason whatsoever to contact you for an appointment. You must use this to your advantage in the script:

'Hi! Thank you for calling xyz Realty info line on the property located at 123 Main Street. I will tell you about this property in a moment, but first, grab a pen to take some helpful notes for your home search. At xyz Realty, we have a FREE automated home finder service that will email listings directly to your inbox each time a new home is listed that matches your wish list. For more information on signing up for this FREE homefinder service, please have your pen ready at the end of this recording. Now back to the home you called about: 123 Main Street is a lovely 3 Bedroom plus Den home located on a quiet interior street. The floorplan is light and bright, with decorative windows and archways through-out. The kitchen was updated with maple cabinetry, newer appliances, and upgraded flooring. The Dining Room is open to the Family Room, perfect for entertaining. Upstairs you will find all three spacious bedrooms, plus a bonus room that is perfect for a den or office. You won't believe the size of the Master closet and Bath! Outside you will fall in love with the private, gated swimming pool and expansive decking. Shade trees are lined perfectly along the edge of the lot. Priced at $xxxxxx, it is a great value. To learn more about this home and to schedule a showing, please call agent xyz at 000-000-0000. To learn more about our automatic homefinder email service, and receive email updates with homes that match your wishlist for FREE, please log onto That's spelled x y z r e a l t y dot c o m. You can also leave a message in our general mailbox and we will return your call within the hour. Leave us your email address, and we can sign you up for this great service. Thank you for calling our information line, and we wish you the best of luck in your search for a dream home."

Note two things:

First: I offered a valuable service to them that had nothing to do with the home they were calling about. You must do this in case the home is not what they are looking for. Maybe they want 4 true bedrooms, and they don't want a pool. Your info line should always give them something else to be interested in, to help them find a home.

Second: I didn't give too many details about the home (no square footage, no specific flooring references), and I saved the price for LAST. If you give the price away up front, they will hang up if it's not in their price range. While you will still have their number to call them back, giving them ammunition to hang up during the first few seconds gives them the power to say 'We're not interested' when you call them. Are sign callers ever really interested in the house when they're calling on the sign? 9 times out of ten, these folks need help finding a home, and driving around is not the best use of their time. They need a Buyers Agent!

Tips for Getting the Number 'Out There'
So the house is tucked back in the community, and virtually no one is going to call the number attached to the sign. What do you do now? Now you post this toll free info line to every online ad possible, following the same directions as above: Don't give ALL the information away in the ad. Why in the world would they want to call the number if you've given them every last detail? Your job as the sellers agent to promote interest, not just give information. YOU are in charge of how the information is given about the home, so use that to your advantage!

Concern about 'fast paced information'
What about the 'McBuyer' who wants information NOW? There are services that will send a text message to a prospect if they enter their mobile phone number to receive a text message. Stay tuned for our next Blog...Text Messaging Services will be discussed.

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