Tips & Advice on Realtor Tools, Lead Generation & Real Estate Systems

Tips & Advice on Realtor Tools, Lead Generation & Real Estate Systems
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Text Capture: The New Generation of Lead Generation

Call Capture is a GREAT tool, and it will bring leads. However, if you are on a REAL push to capture every possible lead, then you've got to embrace technology as it advances. Now you have the power to send information about your listing or service via text message. How does this work? Visit Text Capture Hotline for more information, but here are a few general facts:

  • Text capture works just like call capture, except the prospect will text the number you have posted for more info, and an auto-generated text message will send them more info on the property/service.
  • Advantage: You now have a cell phone number, and you know this person prefers text messages. You can contact them to get their general 'wants' on a home, and every time you run across one in the marketplace, you could text them. If they are a seller, you could text them tips for selling their home. When they ask you to stop texting you, just call them back and tell them you'd love to meet with them face to face so you can learn more about their needs and remove them from your text campaign. Bold? Yes!
  • You now have access to a cell phone number, a much more effective way to reach potential clients than a home phone that rings and rings and rings...does anyone even stay at home anymore?

Utilizing a Virtual Assistant to set up these lead capture systems is a smart investment in the future of your business. Contact A Virtual Genie for more information on using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to increase your prospects on a regular basis.

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